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The Millennial’s Dream of Opening A Cafe

I am a Millennial (Gen Y) and have worked in a single organisation for 7 years and counting. I believe many of us (Gen Y) have this mindset that

if things are not right at work, then it is time to move on.

While job security and loyalty are important traits to some, there can be occasions when you feel that someone has stayed in service for too long a time.

When there was an opportunity for us to move back to Thailand, the romanticism of opening up a cafe and staying in an old shophouse was hard to resist.

Millennials love cafes.

After all, we grew up in 2nd wave coffee chains. During secondary school days, W and I would buy a drink at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and spend hours attempting to study. While in Singapore, the independent cafes started taking off back in 2010. We saw the 3rd wave cafes grow and make a scene in the local market. That’s also why many Millennials like us dream of running a cafe.

My impression of Chye Seng Huat Hardware, one of Singapore’s pioneers in specialty coffee. Coloured by W, in her own imagination
Chye Seng Huat Hardware, Singapore

My impression of Chye Seng Huat Hardware, one of Singapore’s pioneers in specialty coffee. Coloured by W, in her own imagination

Stepping into a cafe like CSHH was such an experience.

The aroma of freshly ground coffee engages your senses, then as you wander around, the sight of fluffy croissants meets your eyes.

You can’t miss it, the smell of artisanal pastries and freshly ground coffee send a strong signal to your brain, alerting your eyes to spot them at once. As you finally take a seat, you start to hear a soft humming noise from a distance followed by some sweet hissing sound. All these happening with some Gorillaz tracks playing in the background. While sipping the cup of latte, the silky textured milk mixes so well with the double shot espresso and present a cup of chocolatey, caramel-like coffee with hints of hazelnut lingering at the back. Your eyes start to wander around again. This time you see the skilled Barista working his magic on the machines. Oh then you realise the hissing sound you have been hearing is actually from the barista who is steaming the milk! As you are about to take the last bite of the croissant, you look around again, this time you zoom in on the more intricate parts of the interior. You see the exposed wires from the light bulbs, the metallic and wooden touches throughout the cafe and the framed steel and slightly rusty windows, you become drawn into yet another experience that the owners want to bring across.

The ultimate cafe experience. What do you think, Millennials?

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